Noah's Ark

Armenian coins of finest precious metals

European History

minted in finest quality

The coin is a legal tender in the Republic of Armenia at its face value. The “Noah´s Ark” is produced in one of the most modern private mints and is subject to highest quality requirements: Purity of the precious metal, weight and quality are state-audited and is guaranteed by the Central Bank of Armenia. The silver bullion coin consists of purest silver (999/1000) and the proof coin in gold is produced with the finest gold (999,9/1000)

Deeply rooted in european history

According to the bible the ark stranded at the shores of Mount Ararat. The mountain is a national symbol of the county Armenia, it’s striking shape is clearly visible from capital city Jerewan and is firmly attached to cityscape. Until today mount Ararat remains a central part of the Armenian Coat of Arms and also of the coin in it’s commemoration.

Minting rights

The Central Bank of Armenia has conferred the minting rights to Geiger Edelmetalle AG and commisioned the company with the international sales management. Since 2011 these precious coins are traded worldwide and became more popular with every new issue. The Noah’s Ark gold & silver coins are standing for quality made in Germany.

Arche Noah Pigeon He waited another seven days, and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark. And the dove came back to him in the evening, and behold, in her mouth was a freshly plucked olive leaf.
1. Mose 8, 10-11



The Motiv

The Motif

The coin´s obverse of this exclusive coin edition depicts the Armenian Coat of Arms. Underneath is the face value of the coin in Armenian Dram, the fineness, the weight and the year of issue of the coin, next to the symbol of the mint.The lettering the „Republic of Armenia” in Armenian and English language surrounds the ensemble.

The coin´s reverse depicts the Noah´s Ark in the center oft he motif. The white dove with an olive branch in the beak is flying towards the ark. The silhouette of Mount Ararat with a rising sun is shown in the background. The inscription is also the name of the coin: “Noah´s Ark” in Armenian and English lettering is minted around the motif.

Bullion Coin

In Silver

Silver Bullion Coin

This fine silver coin was issued in 2011 for the first time. Since then, it has established itself very well on the world market and enjoys increasing popularity. The silver coin is available in seven sizes:
¼ oz, ½ oz, 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 1 kg and 5 kg

The differential taxed silver coins are produced by Geiger Edelmetalle AG in Switzerland. They are packed in wooden boxes made in Saxon mountainous region in Germany (Erzgebirge).

The Central Bank of Armenia and Geiger Edelmetalle as a mint guarantee the purity and technical parameters of Noah’s Ark coins in every size. A high-value certificate can be purchased separately.

Here you can see the “Letter of Authorization”.

Bullion Coin Noah's Ark
Bullion Coin Noah's Ark Box

Special proof edition of the silver coins

The edition is limited to 2.000 pieces, but only 1.000 of them entered the European market. The other 1.000 pieces have been distributed by the Armenian Central Bank in Armenia.

We offer the Noah’s Ark coins of proof quality in the sizes of 1 oz, ½ oz and ¼ oz as a set in an attractive handmade wooden box. The coins are numbered and the respective number is engraved thoroughly in the shiny spots of the edge. Furthermore, you will find a certificate of the Armenian Central Bank testifying the technical parameters and further information. Only a few items are still available.

Technical Specifications

size nominal value fine weight finess diameter
¼ oz 100 Dram 7,78 g 99,9 % 20,2 mm
½ oz 200 Dram 15,6 g 99,9 % 27,7 mm
1 oz 500 Dram 31,1 g 99,9 % 38,6 mm
5 oz 1.000 Dram 155,5 g 99,9 % 60,2 mm
10 oz 5.000 Dram 311,0 g 99,9 % 75,2 mm
1 kg 10.000 Dram 1.000 g 99,9 % 100,0 mm
5 kg 20.000 Dram 5.000 g 99,9 % 149,6 mm
Masterbox Arche Noah

Numbers of circulation

Year ¼ oz ½ oz 1 oz 5 oz 10 oz 1 kg 5 kg
2011 17.068 15.533 268.325
2012 173.696 102.028 457.576 3.550 2.003 2.449 163
2013 124.713 90.204 581.800 2.436 1.992 2.826 171
2014 113.723 87.563 566.323 4.535 3.645 2.590 476
2015 183.622 139.722 960.182 3.348 4.065 2.485 473
2016 292.562 156.002 529.202 4.123 4.562 3.606 449
2017 388.501 81.701 479.551 2.559 2.360 1.507 332

Proof Collector’s Coin

In Gold

Sammlermünze in Gold

Exclusive gold coin in proof quality

In the year of issue 2017 the coin received its accolade – it was issued for the first time as a gold collector’s coin in proof quality. This strictly limited gold coins are provided in finest precious metal with a purity of 999.9, packed in attractive boxes. Each individual coin carries a fine number engraving on the obverse side and is delivered with a high-class certificate of authenticity.

This exclusive edition is produced in one of Germany’s most modern mints, using the finest gold granules of certified origin. Advanced quality controls and manufacturing methods lead to this extraordinary embossing quality in proof (PP). The Quality, fineness and fine weight are monitored and guaranteed by the Armenian Central Bank.

In addition to the individually packed coins, a special edition coin set limited to 50 pieces was released. It contains all 4 coins with the same number, but was sold out after a very short time.

Technical specification

fine weightnominal valuegold contentfinenessdiameterlimitation
1 g100 Dram1 g999,913,9 mm3.000
¼ oz10.000 Dram7,78 g999,920,0 mm1.000
½ oz25.000 Dram15,55 g999,925,2 mm800
1 oz50.000 Dram31,1 g999,930,2500
Sammlermünze in Gold Box



The Noah’s Ark bullion and collector’s coins are produced in one of the most modern private mints in Germany. All raw materials used for the production of these gold and silver coins come exclusively from manufacturers certified and approved according to the standards of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

The producer ‘Geiger Edelmetalle’ manufactures each individual coin in a complex process from the granulate to the finished product, followed by a strict quality control.

A High Quality Conservation System was developed for the Noah’s Ark  silver bullion coin to protect the special appearance of the investment coin.


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