Arche Noah - Goldmünze

Noah's Ark Gold 2024

The bullion coin
in four sizes

  • produced with the finest gold 999.9/1000
  • shaped in Germany
  • in safety capsule with high quality certificate
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The Motif

The coin´s obverse of this exclusive coin edition depicts the Armenian Coat of Arms. Underneath is the face value of the coin in Armenian Dram, the fineness, the weight and the year of issue of the coin, next to the symbol of the mint.The lettering the „Republic of Armenia” in Armenian and English language surrounds the ensemble.

The coin´s reverse depicts the Noah´s Ark in the center oft he motif. The white dove with an olive branch in the beak is flying towards the ark. The silhouette of Mount Ararat with a rising sun is shown in the background. The inscription is also the name of the coin: “Noah´s Ark” in Armenian and English lettering is minted around the motif.

The security features

The Noah's Ark Gold Bullion coin is packaged with a refined certificate of authenticity, including consecutive numbering, in a security capsule that can only be opened by destruction.

The overall appearance of the coin and its packaging stand out due to the high-quality paper finishing and the unique design compared to other investment coins.

Technical specifications

size nominal value diameter fine weight fineness
1 g100 DramØ 16.54 mm1 g999.9
¼ oz10000 DramØ 25.20 mm7.78 g999.9
½ oz25000 DramØ 30.20 mm15.55 g999.9
1 oz50000 DramØ 38.60 mm31.1 g999.9
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European history

The Noah's Ark precious metal coins are issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. As a legal tender in Armenia, production is subject to the strict requirements of the central bank: the purity of the precious metal, the weight and the quality of the coinage are checked and guaranteed by the state. The gold bullion coin is made from the purest gold (999.9/1000).

Deeply rooted in European history
According to the Bible, Noah's ark was stranded in the Ararat mountains after the deluge. Mount Ararat is the Armenian national symbol, its striking shape is visible from the capital Yerevan and is firmly connected to the cityscape. Even today, Mount Ararat with the ark is a central part of the Armenian coat of arms and thus also the series of coins to commemorate it.

Minting rights

The Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia granted Geiger Edelmetalle AG the right to mint and commissioned the company to sell Noah's Ark coins internationally.

The silver bullion coins have been sold worldwide since 2011 and the gold investment coins from September 2020 and are becoming increasingly popular.

Noah's ark gold & silver coins stand for quality made in Germany.

Logo central bank of armenia

The mint

The Noah's Ark bullion and collector coins are manufactured in one of the most modern private minting sites in Germany. All raw materials used to manufacture these gold and silver coins come exclusively from manufacturers that are certified and approved according to the standards of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Every single coin is manufactured in a complex process from the granulate to the finished product by Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH and is subject to strict quality control.

Arche Noah - Silbermünze

Noah's Ark Silver 2024

The well-known bullion coin

  • produced with the finest silver 999/1000
  • shaped in Germany
  • packed in real wood boxes

The silver bullion coin

The popular silver bullion coin was first launched in 2011. Since then it has established itself very well on the world market and is extremely popular. This beautiful silver coin is available in seven sizes: ¼ oz, ½ oz, 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 1 kg and 5 kg.

Master boxes

The Noah's Ark silver coins are supplied in large quantities in stable, environmentally friendly, natural real wood boxes (master boxes) with silver embossing and security labels.

Master boxes front view made of real wood
Masterbox with tubes,
20 coins per tube
Masterbox with capsule,
5 kg coin

Minting numbers

¼ oz ½ oz 1 oz 5 oz 10 oz 1 kg 5 kg

Technical specifications

size nominal value diameter fine weight fineness
¼ oz100 DramØ 20.18 mm7.78 g999
½ oz200 DramØ 27.66 mm15.55 g999
1 oz500 DramØ 38.6 mm31.1 g999
5 oz1000 DramØ 60.15 mm155.5 g999
10 oz5000 DramØ 75.5 mm311.0 g999
1 kg10000 DramØ 100.0 mm1000 g999
5 kg20000 DramØ 149.62 mm5000 g999
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